Lea Michele Screaming Pilates Bod

Lea Michele credits her Scream Queens costar, Emma Roberts, for turning her on to Pilates. “Emma introduced me to Pilates in New Orleans,” she added, revealing that she and her costar hit up Romney Pilates Center while on location multiple times a week.

Lea-Micheles-Pilates-Body4 Lea-Micheles-Pilates-Body3 Lea-Micheles-Pilates-Body2 The pals work up a sweat on either the Cadillac or reformer machines with floor-based workouts using BOSU balls or TRX straps.

Source: Lea Michele Showcases Her Toned Bod, Abs on Cover of Women’s Health – Us Weekly

Miranda Kerr Home Pilates Workout

Miranda Kerr puts in time at the ballet barre and on her Pilates reformer.  This Clip shows a few of Miranda Kerr moves  from her morning workout on the Pliates Reformer.


Kerr and her A-list supermodel friends works hard for that body. Kerr is a big believer in the 80/20 lifestyle, where 80 percent of the time you focus on eating clean, good-for-you foods, and 20 percent of the time you have the freedom to indulge as you please.

Source: Miranda Kerr on Pilates Reformer | Video | POPSUGAR Fitness

Kerry Washington Pilates Body

I was introduced to Pilates about 8 or 9 years ago. I got really injured while I was training and I needed to find a way to work out that was both rehabilitating and challenging for me physically so I could still stay in shape, and Pilates was the answer to all of my questions.


Source: Kerry Washington Pulls Off Pilates Moves & Talks Handling Her Body, Baby & Career for SELF Magazine

Mark Halperin To Host Pilates Session For GOP Donors At Romney Getaway

Journalist Mark Halperin reportedly plans to be stretching and rolling like a ball on Saturday alongside a group of GOP megadonors at a weekend retreat being held by Mitt and Ann Romney.

The co-managing editor of Bloomberg Politics is set to co-host an early morning pilates session with Ann Romney as part of the former presidential candidate’s getaway for Republican kingmakers, Time magazine reported. Class is scheduled to start at 6:30 a.m. local time at the Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah. A spokesperson for Bloomberg declined to comment on Friday when reached by TPM.


The pilates session is only one of many activities, or in Romney-event-speak, “enthusiast sessions.” Others include “flag football with Sen. Marco Rubio and skeet shooting with Sen. Lindsey Graham,” according to Time. Halperin will reportedly be the only journalist there partaking in, rather than covering, the event.

He has a long way to go  to compete with Pilates buff Michelle Obama. http://pilatesblog.com/obama-pilates/

Source: Mark Halperin To Host Pilates Session For GOP Donors At Romney Getaway

Hudson Pilates TRX & Wine are Just Fine


Nicole Stuart, Kate’s Pilates trainer, told Shape magazine the actress will do a Pilates class three times a week, usually preceded by a mile run.

“I hate the idea [of dieting]. It puts so much pressure on people to lose weight quickly. Getting healthy is not a two-week process; it’s a change of lifestyle.”  She said of her eating habits.

I love – steak, fries, lots of wine…Everything in moderation! Food is wonderful and amazing and yummy. Taking the time to cook your own food and enjoying the process of feeding yourself can change your life.”Of course, her liberated approach to food isn’t quite responsible for her toned tummy.


Hudson balances her food intake with a regular workout routine. She has incorporating more aggressive activities like TRX and boxing with her Mind Body Pilates workouts. I really enjoy sweating it out, and it helps clear my mind…It’s not about trying to look good physically, it’s important to get oxygen to my brain and feel like my blood is really circulating. I love skiing, walking, hiking and especially riding my bike. It makes me feel like a kid again.”

Nicole Stuart, Kate’s Pilates trainer, told Shape magazine the actress will do a Pilates class three times a week, usually preceded by a mile run.

Why do the rich and famous incorporate Pilates into their workout routines?   They get the results they are looking for 🙂


The benefits of PoP Pilates

GaGa-PilatesRecently celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, Lady Gaga and Vanessa Hudgens have been seen attending Pilates classes to help maintain their svelte figures.


The wonderful thing about Pilates is that it is suitable for just about everyone, regardless of age and fitness level. It is beneficial for dealing with specific health conditions, injuries and postural problems and is also very effective in toning your muscles to give you a leaner, firmer, longer and stronger figure.


SportsShoes in-house Pilates expert, Emily Wilson, explains how Pilates can help you get in shape.

via The benefits of Pilates.

Tony Gaga Mind-Body+Spirit


Tony Bennett: staying positive everyday has an enormous impact on your mind and body. I truly think life is a gift. Pilates Rehab works great for Lady Gaga…Looking Good.

Tony Bennett: I exercise regularly and try to eat healthy as much as possible. My wife, Susan, always makes sure I have good, healthy food. Most of all, I think the most important thing is I try to stay positive everyday and avoid stress as I think stress has enormous negative impact on your mind and body. I truly think life is a gift, so I am happy to be alive every day and to be able to appreciate people and nature. I always try to learn something new each day.

Lady Gaga is recovering…with Pilates and is looking great!  Gaga exercises a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio, Pilates or Yoga five times a week. She does copious amounts of abdominal curls to keep her tummy toned and trim.

Gaga also eats a healthy, balanced diet and swears by a 5 Factor Diet, which involves eating five times a day (two meals and three snacks). These five meals must fall into these five categories: low-glycermic carbs (low GI), lean protein, fibre, healthy fats and sugar-free beverages. Gaga is also allowed one treat day a week. The famous singer loves to snack on salsa with grain chips, turkey slices, coconut water, hummus and tofu.

via Tony Bennett Is the Most Charming Man on Earth | Maui Now.

Liu Likes the Pilates Reformer

lucy_liu-Pilates TeaserPilates really strengthens from the inside out. I like using a reformer

Lucy Liu’s Mind Body Workout

I mix Spinning, running and Pilates. Pilates is great for posture. When you first do Pilates, you don’t feel anything and don’t know that anything is happening.

As you continue, it really strengthens from the inside out. I like using a reformer [a Pilates exercise machine] more than doing mat work. The counterweight keeps me engaged. http://www.latimes.com/health/la-he-5q-liu-20141108-story.html

Advanced Pilates Reformer


Springs:  2 Heavy or more
Repetitions: 3-5
Contraindications: Cervical or Lumbar Disc Protrusion; osteoporosis

Why do the rich and famous choose to incorporate plates into their lifestyle?  They get the results they are looking for.

Engage your core like never before find yourself a certified Pilates teacher today. 🙂

Candice Swanepoel-Pilates-Helps

Victoria's Secret PIlATES

Victoria’s Secret Pilates

The Candice Swanepoel workout mixes boxing, running, spinning, resistance bands, Bosu balls, weight lifting, circuit training, Pilates, and yoga together. Most of her workouts last for 75 minutes, and she goes twice daily when getting ready for a shoot.

via Candice Swanepoel Workout & Diet: Angel Boxes and Uses Circuit Training | Pop Workouts.

Penelope Cruz Sexiest Pilates Body


“I love Pilates. It was created for dancers, and it works all the muscles that you don’t work as a dancer. It makes these muscles stronger and it’s a really good, complete exercise. And I love Yoga, but I haven’t done it for a while.” Penelope also likes to do meditation and has another beauty and health secret. “What I do is sleep.” Her sleeping record, she says, is 17 hours, although she normally manages to get eight. “But I’ll do 10 or 12 hours if I can.”

The 40-year-old actress credits the Mediterranean diet and Pilates as key to regaining that stunning silhouette.